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Watch Free Person of Interest Season 3, Episode 11 Online Lethe

A Computer genius named Finch developed a machine for the government that is used to detect information leading to acts of terrorism before they happen.Person of Interest is an American television crime drama broadcasting on CBS.Why You Should Watch Person Of Interest Brand New Action Crime Thriller Drama Season three was premiered on September 24, 2013.
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Episode Summary:
Flashbacks to Finch’s adolescence provide insight into his creation of The Machine. Also, the team receives the number of an already dying man, and Reese leaves the POI team behind in the aftermath of the war with the crime organization, HR.

Series Genl Info: It is based on a screenplay developed by J. J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan. A criminal drama by Jonathan Nolan and an executive producer J. J. Abrams. In the center of attention there is an FBI agent Reese who is thought to be dead and the one hired by a reclusive billionaire Finch in order to fight against crime in New York. Reese’s special strategic skills and a computer program developed by Finch are used now for recognizing the people who are going to commit a crime. Tracking system gives out social security numbers of those people who are under suspicion. The team has to act outlaw and risk their lives in order to protect other lives.  Finch explains that after 9/11, he built a computer system for the government which uses information gleaned from omnipresent surveillance to predict future terrorist attacks. However, Finch discovered that the computer was predicting ordinary crimes as well. While the government was not interested in these results, Finch is determined to find a way to stop the predicted crimes. He hires Reese to conduct surveillance and intervene as needed, using his repertoire of skills gained in the military and CIA......The machine separates the information gathered into two categories: relevant and irrelevant. Finch, however, discovered that the irrelevant information often led to other acts of violent crime. So, he, before going underground, developed a back door into the system which only spits out the social security number of a central person involved in the crime...."Person of Interest" stars Jim Caviezel, Emmy Award winner Michael Emerson and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson in a crime thriller about a presumed dead former-CIA agent, Reese, who teams up with a mysterious billionaire, Finch, to prevent violent crimes by using their own brand of vigilante justice. Reese's special training in covert operations appeals to Finch, a software genius who invented a program that uses pattern recognition to identify people about to be involved in violent crimes. Using state-of-the-art surveillance technology, the two work outside of the law, using Reese's adept skills and Finch's unlimited wealth to unravel the mystery of the "person of interest" and stop the crime before it happens. Reese's actions draw the attention of the NYPD, including homicide detective Carter, and Fusco, a cop whom Reese uses to his advantage. With infinite crimes to investigate, Reese and Finch find that the right person, with the right information, at the right time, can change everything.......The POI team faces an uncertain future as they struggle with the next evolution of The Machine, which is now completely self-governed and its whereabouts still unknown. Reese and Finch continue to utilize Shaw’s exceptional skill set, but her violent tendencies could end their alliance before it can fully begin. Also, Root remains institutionalized in an asylum, where she seeks to resume her connection with The Machine and marshal her resources for an escape.....Watch and enjoy Tonight Action, Crime, Thriller Drama Person of Interest Season 3, Episode 11 "Lethe"...

Main Cast And Crew
Starring: Jim Caviezel as John Reese, Michael Emerson as Harold Finch,
Taraji P. Henson as Joss Carter, Kevin Chapman as Lionel Fusco,
Amy Acker as Root, Sarah Shahi as Samantha Shaw
Created by: Jonathan Nolan
Episode Air Date: Tuesday 17th December 2013
10:00 PM On CBS Network
Release date: 22 September 2011 (USA)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller,Action, Mystery
Runtime: 43 min (45 min)
Composer: Ramin Djawadi
Cinematography: Teodoro Maniaci
Executive producers: J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk,
Jonathan Nolan, Greg Plageman, Richard J. Lewis
Production Company: Bad Robot Productions, Kilter Films
Country: USA
Language: English
Locations: New York, New York

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