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Watch Free Betrayal Season 1, Episode 7 Online ...We're Not Going to Baileys Harbor

A beautiful but unhappily married female photographer who begins a torrid affair with Jack, a lawyer for a powerful family.Betrayal is an American drama television series that began airing on Sunday, September 29, 2013, on ABC.
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Main Cast and Crew
Stars:Wendy Moniz, Chris J. Johnson, Helena Mattsson
Developed by: David Zabel
Based on: Dutch series Overpsel: by Frank Ketelaar, Robert Kievit
Episode Air Date: Sunday 10th November 2013
10:00 PM On ABC Network
Release date: 29 September 2013 (USA)
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Runtime: 60 min
Composers: Brian Transeau, Michael DiMattia
Executive producers: Alon Aranya, David Zabel, Frank Ketelaar
Rob Golenberg, Robert Kievit
Production Co: Remainder Men, Scripted World, ABC Studios
Country: USA
Language: English

Episode Summary:
Neither Sara nor Jack's families will ever be the same after Drew's discovery of the affair. As Sara and Jack attempt to navigate their newly fractured relationships with their spouses and children, Elaine seeks support from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, a despondent Drew discovers information that could reopen Lou Mrozeks murder investigation, and Zarek, anxious to please Karsten, resorts to drastic measures to deal with Brandy

Series Genl Info: The series was developed by David Zabel and stars Hannah Ware. It is based on the Dutch drama series Overspel, broadcast by VARA. The pilot episode was directed by Patty Jenkins.Betrayal joined ABC's Sunday line-up after ABC's dramas, Once Upon a Time and Revenge.A chance meeting between Sara Hanley (Hannah Ware), a professional photographer, and Jack McAllister (Stuart Townsend), a top attorney, leads to an instant and undeniable attraction. Sara’s husband, Drew Stafford (Chris Johnson), is a successful prosecutor with political aspirations, and the couple have a seven-year-old, Oliver. Unbeknownst to Sara, Jack is in-house counsel to a powerful but somewhat shady entrepreneur, Thatcher Karsten (James Cromwell), and is married to Thatcher’s daughter, Elaine (Wendy Moniz). Elaine, secure in her relationship with Jack, is a smart, determined woman attempting to make her Chicago café a success on her own terms, as well as be a good mother to the couples’ 16-year-old twins, Valerie (Elizabeth McLaughlin) and Victor (Braeden Lemasters). However Sara and Jack both realize something is missing in their marriages, and fight against the realization that they’ve met their soul mates in one another....Drew may be obsessed with Jack MacAllister and the Karsten case, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t noticed that his wife has been MIA. On episode 104 titled, “…That Is Not What Ships Are Built For,” Drew confronts Sara about her recent whereabouts. Drew is like a dog with a bone when it comes to Jack, so it’s just a matter of time he catches on to the infidelity, and he won’t be the only one most likely. As circumstances in Karsten’s life gets desperate, Thatcher begins to resort to some pretty unsavory tactics.....Photographer Sara Hadley spins a romance with a Attorney Jack McAllister. Sarah’s husband, Drew is a successful prosecutor with political aspirations. Jack is married to the daughter of his boss named Elaine. When Karsten’s brother-in-law Lou is murdered, all evidence points to Karsten’s son, T.J. Jack, the company’s lead counsel, will have to defend him, but for Sara’s prosecutor husband, Drew, this is the kind of high-profile murder case that can secure his political future. Just as Sara and Jack’s affair is starting, the lovers find themselves in an impossible situation – on opposite sides of a murder investigation......Watch and enjoy Brand New Mystery, Romance Drama Betrayal Season 1, Episode 7 "...We're Not Going to Baileys Harbor" 

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